Monday, November 17, 2008

What's new at Peek in at Biden's schedule

Every so often, I will do a quick post on the significant updates to - but don't let that stop you from checking it yourself!
  • Press Room: Not sure if this is typical, but we get to see a list of Joe Biden's phone calls with foreign leaders. I find this a nice peek into the transition, and makes the process feel a bit more open.
  • The Blog: Though there was some big news this week with Obama's YouTube address, this section continues to disappoint as an actual blog. We still don't know who writes it, we don't get any opinions from the author, and there aren't even any links! At least they've started incorporating quotes from "real Americans" as in this post about Obama's meeting with McCain. The photos at the bottom are a nice touch as well!
  • Agenda: The agenda is back! It was removed a few days after the launch of, and a lot of news outlets picked it up, saying it was a sign that wasn't all that much of a change after all. Hard to know why they reinstated it, but it's back! Does anyone know if the new text is different from what was there before?
  • Jobs: No change here, as this remains the most confusing page on the site. What sort of jobs are we supposed to be applying for? What sort of people are they looking for? I guess it's nice that they are asking for applications...


Ian Spivey said...

These are the jobs you can apply for - Presidentially appointed positions:

The "Plum Book" is an annual list of all those positions.

Sam Ribnick said...

Thanks, Ian! I will try to write about this in the future